Hello there!

To all those Foodies out there! The tasty blog is back! Watch this space for the latest restaurants and updates on new places. Don’t miss out on the delicious updates!

Its almost there.. Initially the mobile version wont have all the features as desktop version.. mobile version allows you to easily find the restaurants that is located nearby to you, on the go! It have more features that helps mobile users. Point out your address bar to : http://m.tasty.lk to test this beta version. UPDATE: Tasty.lk is…

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The Story

You may wonder how Tasty.lk was started … So I wanted to share this story for long time. The idea of Tasty sparked when we were having some bored chat in a restaurant (Antigravity, teleporting, perpetual motion, etc), and we wanted to have a good list of restaurants to bookmark and help us find the…

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