You might have noticed a new feature rolling out on Tasty last couple of weeks. That’s SMS Reviews (eg: The Sandwich Factory , you can find the SMS code and instructions on the right side bar).

So how does this works ? and why we think this SMS based feature is still a good idea ? (while the whole SMS thing looks bit old fashioned …)

How does this works ?

We are generating a custom 3 digit Short Code for every restaurants available on Tasty. You can easily find this Short Code in every restaurant page on Tasty or a Flyer/Handbill in the table of the hand-picked restaurants that you are visiting to which agree to work with Tasty.

So this is how it works, You just type a review like this:

Tasty tsf The sandwich factory’s burgers are awesome!

and send to “77100“.

Where the “tsf” is the restaurant’s short code, and then your short review following that and you just drop this SMS to “77100“.

Viola! You are done! What awesome here is,  in a matter of seconds can see your review posted and publicly available for everyone to see on Tasty :)

Worried about privacy ? Your phone number is 100% safe! we will only get a encrypted id from mobile carrier  that we store in our database. So you can use that identifier to link your Tasty account later in future from a desktop computer. So you won’t be losing any of your reviews!

We are working with Dialog’s Ideamart API to make this happen. So currently this is supported for Dialog customers only. but we are trying to make this available for everyone very soon.

Why SMS Reviews ? 

You may be thinking “why SMS reviews ??” While Tasty is already fully responsive on Smart Phones, and native Mobile Apps are coming out soon …

The thing is we believe  a true review from someone comes instantly while we are having a meal right there on the stop! not after going home, or the next day. Because that’s the time we will be truly happy or either disappointed in a restaurant!

Also we think its essential for the restaurants to come forward and listen to the people’s true opinions and improve the overall service and quality. For example what do you think about some of those restaurants who have a Facebook page for promotion with thousands of Facebook Likes, but actually not responding to an angry customer or a complaint ? (Sometimes your post gets deleted too!)

So what’s next ?

We hope to work on this feature and drive this to the next step. so lets try posting a review and give us your feedbacks :)

Hello there!

To all those Foodies out there!

The tasty blog is back! Watch this space for the latest restaurants and updates on new places. Don’t miss out on the delicious updates! :)

Its almost there.. Initially the mobile version wont have all the features as desktop version.. mobile version allows you to easily find the restaurants that is located nearby to you, on the go! It have more features that helps mobile users.

Point out your address bar to : to test this beta version.
UPDATE: is now fully responsive, and will work on any smartphones.

The Story

You may wonder how was started …

So I wanted to share this story for long time.

The idea of Tasty sparked when we were having some bored chat in a restaurant (Antigravity, teleporting, perpetual motion, etc), and we wanted to have a good list of restaurants to bookmark and help us find the best place for weekly outing. We first wanted Tasty for using between our friends. At that time there were no good local website which offers this and Foursquare, Google plus was also lacking the data and in it’s early stage.

The next day I went home and setup a WordPress blog, and started putting more and more restaurants online one by one. Thanks to Kajan and Ramji for the awesome work on contents! Who made this possible by keeping the database up to date while we are busy with coding.

2-3 days passed, and I noticed that we’are already starting to get visitors to the site! Which was a surprise and made me realize that there is a need for this product in Sri Lanka! and we should make this available to public and make it better!

At this point, we just had a simple listing of restaurants. No menu, No reviews. Just list of restaurants that we like! Me and my friend who is also the Co-Founder of Prasath then decided to make this as a commercial product and started putting more efforts to build the product.

It was fun! We enjoyed doing every bits of this! Sleepless nights, day long discussions, 100s of ideas, all !

After few months, only we started to notice that the site is filled with bunch of features (Events, Recipes, Etc) that nobody is gonna use and which is also distracting us from the main goal of! Because we just implemented every single feature that we thought is cool. This is the time we made the site more simple and eliminated every single module on the site that was not useful for a real user who is in search for a restaurant and reviews. therefore drilling down to the very important core features.

This helped us to focus more on only few core features of the product and make current as a beautiful product.

By this time, almost an year is passed and we got busy with our daily jobs, which made this site to die slowly. and other similar products started to arise!

And that’s the time Saberion, noticed, and thought we both are so similar in the things that we are doing. And decided to lend us a hand and join with us. Which in-fact was a great decision we made. This made even more stronger on Technology and Strategy wise.

We have a lot more amazing features that we will introduce over coming months! Lets keep updated :)

Thanks for the read!