Yep! We have updated our database in these last 3 days and now you have almost all of those popular restaurants from all over the Sri Lanka. We surely still miss lot of small restaurants, places. And some of our restaurants still have slightly wrong marker positions and empty contact details..

Being a normal human being, such things costs us some time to check and fix each and every venue. sometime skipping a sleep or even a tasty dinner. some we go and check manually. some places can’t be even found on internet. Whenever we go out and notice a new place that we don’t have in our database we add this to Tasty ASAP.

Still we enjoy & love what we are doing! We gonna have a option to let users fix and correct wrong information and duplicate restaurants on the Tasty. So any of you can update and fix a restaurant or send us a suggestion.


Have a happy and yummy Dinner!


No updates from me..? but I’m working like a Ninja here! You wont notice much changes on the front-end. but updated lot of functionality and fixed various lame bugs. And most of them are UI, Database and improvements.

Voila! Its time to get more social! now you can submit restaurants to Tasty, and give suggestions to fix wrong information, update map marker positions and more!

More than that, I’ve done something else for you Restaurant Managers out there! a dedicated section and tools for restaurant managers!

Yeah, now the restaurant managers can verify and claim their restaurants in order to get into the Restaurant’s Admin Dashboard.. the dash board will give them more ways to interact with their customers post updates, pictures, and offer deals, coupons and more!

Hey, Wondering what I’ve done today. Again ?

Goto an restaurant which have more branches in Sri Lanka! and …

Do you see Branches on the right side-bar ?

Yay! Now we have all restaurant’s branches connected! checkout McDonald Srilanka’s Page for an example, and it will lead you to a branch locations page to see all of their branches!

Gonna sleep now.. (dull)