You might have noticed a new feature rolling out on Tasty last couple of weeks. That’s SMS Reviews (eg: The Sandwich Factory , you can find the SMS code and instructions on the right side bar).

So how does this works ? and why we think this SMS based feature is still a good idea ? (while the whole SMS thing looks bit old fashioned …)

How does this works ?

We are generating a custom 3 digit Short Code for every restaurants available on Tasty. You can easily find this Short Code in every restaurant page on Tasty or a Flyer/Handbill in the table of the hand-picked restaurants that you are visiting to which agree to work with Tasty.

So this is how it works, You just type a review like this:

Tasty tsf The sandwich factory’s burgers are awesome!

and send to “77100“.

Where the “tsf” is the restaurant’s short code, and then your short review following that and you just drop this SMS to “77100“.

Viola! You are done! What awesome here is,  in a matter of seconds can see your review posted and publicly available for everyone to see on Tasty :)

Worried about privacy ? Your phone number is 100% safe! we will only get a encrypted id from mobile carrier  that we store in our database. So you can use that identifier to link your Tasty account later in future from a desktop computer. So you won’t be losing any of your reviews!

We are working with Dialog’s Ideamart API to make this happen. So currently this is supported for Dialog customers only. but we are trying to make this available for everyone very soon.

Why SMS Reviews ? 

You may be thinking “why SMS reviews ??” While Tasty is already fully responsive on Smart Phones, and native Mobile Apps are coming out soon …

The thing is we believe  a true review from someone comes instantly while we are having a meal right there on the stop! not after going home, or the next day. Because that’s the time we will be truly happy or either disappointed in a restaurant!

Also we think its essential for the restaurants to come forward and listen to the people’s true opinions and improve the overall service and quality. For example what do you think about some of those restaurants who have a Facebook page for promotion with thousands of Facebook Likes, but actually not responding to an angry customer or a complaint ? (Sometimes your post gets deleted too!)

So what’s next ?

We hope to work on this feature and drive this to the next step. so lets try posting a review and give us your feedbacks :)

  • Angel

    It will be very useful ! As you said we like to post a comment about a restaurant while having meal in a restaurant . So it’s vet easy to post a comment by SMS rather than open and write a review . It can be very helpful to the people to share their feelings with others than earlier :) Nice job

    • Tharshan Venkadesan

      Exactly Angel, Thanks for your feedback!